eclipse Light Shield - Demo 1 -- "The eclipse light shield will protect your subject and surroundings from direct flash at virtually any position your flash head is pointed, for bouncing light. (available now on Amazon)"

eclipse Light Shield - Demo 2 -- "Another look at the design and functionality of the eclipse light shield. (visit for more information)"

eclipse Light Shield - Demo 3 -- "The ultimate off-camera flash setup, where you never need to worry about unintentional light reaching your subject(s). (available now on Amazon)"

Brett Florens - The London Sessions (DVD trailer) -- "This definitive 6 hour DVD set features a full three-day Wedding Photography Workshop, held by Nikon Pro Brett Florens in London. (available now on Amazon and eBay)"

Taipei Photo Exhibition 2010 -- "Hands-on demos."

Taipei Photo Exhibition 2010 -- "Demo on assembly/disassembly."

OCF (Off Camera Flash) Configuration -- "One-handed operation of the PRESSlite VerteX Pro in OCF mode."

The 9-3 Configuration -- "A method to bounce light two ways - ceiling and wall, simultaneously."

The Binary Star Configuration -- "A method to enhance the lighting effect of a ceiling bounce. Project an extra-wide dispersion of light that was never before possible."

Brett Florens - Behind The Lens (DVD trailer) -- "Tag along with Brett Florens to a modern day wedding extravaganza. (availabe now on Amazon and eBay)"

Brett Florens - Working -- "A glimpse into the life of an internationally acclaimed wedding photographer - Brett Florens."


Accessories for the PRESSlite VerteX

Pro Panels - Locking panels that snap into position at crucial angles: 0, 45 and 90 degrees. These panels will stay locked in the desired positions even when bumped or knocked around. The perfect accessory for working professionals.

Insert Pack OEM - Contains two high-efficient mirrored inserts and two non-specular, neutral white inserts. The mirrored inserts are coated with real silver on both sides, limiting light loss to only 1/3 f-stop.



My Flash Diffuser Is BIGGER Than Yours -- "Secret #1: The on-camera diffuser alone, regardless of size and design, cannot produce the desired soft lighting. It is the bounced light that does this!"

How to Bounce Light Off Colored Ceilings -- "You look up and the ceiling you see isn't white. So just forget about bouncing light off a blue ceiling, right? WAIT! You can actually produce images of excellent quality, bouncing light off a blue ceiling!"



Le blog de -- "PRESSlite VerteX : diffuseur pour flash cobra"

Reportages Photos .fr -- "Test : PressLite Vertex, modeler la lumiere d'un flash facilement" -- "PRESSite VerteX demonstrated the widest horizontal frame coverage among the 16 diffusers tested." -- "The device is small, weighs only a few ounces and takes up very little room in a camera bag yet delivers a lot of performance for its price and size. It's one of my favorite tools for indoor photography when I'm using a shoe mount strobe. It even comes in handy when I using it on a remote controlled flash. If I was shooting indoors and could only carry one light modifier, this is one I'd use."

Adorama's popular 100 in 100 series -- "For wedding photographers and photojournalists who need to work fast, the VerteX offers unprecedented light output control while either improving battery life or giving your flash a little more illumination power. While the Vertex can be used with on-camera flash, it offers even more versatility when used with multiple-flash set-ups."

Mathew's Photography Singapore -- "You might lose flash power using Lightsphere, but not on the VerteX."

Weekly Photography Tips -- "In a matter of seconds, with just two fingers you can twist, pull, or rotate the panels to completely change your lighting configuration." -- "Several manufacturers attempted to create flash diffusers (like, for instance, LumiQuest Pro Max 80-20 Bounce or Gary Fong WhaleTail) that are able to simulate multi-source lighting but they do not provide as much control as PRESSlite VerteX does now."

Camera Dojo -- "Before getting into wedding photography I did mostly product photography so using multiple lights was second nature, getting into wedding photography felt very limiting as it really isn't practical on most shoots to lug around multiple light sources, radio remotes, light stands, etc and the current light modifiers on the market work very well in specific situations, but there hasn't been a product that could really give you the flexibility of multiple light sources from a single strobe head until the VerteX."

Chester Bullock Photography -- "Unlike a Gary Fong or similar diffuser, the amount of light you are directing can be controlled as well." -- "...if you want to be able to simulate a multi-light setup with just one flash, the Presslite VerteX™ is the only way to go." -- "A quick story on sturdiness..."

Technology Bytes -- "You start to see the possibilities."

Pro Photo Home -- "It is a flash modification device that gives you ultimate control."



Tulip (September 6, 2010) -- "I admit I used to carry around the Gary Fong Lightsphere, but that was before I knew how bounce lighting works. Once you know this secret, you won't be using anything that covers the flash, which actually wastes energy and drains the batteries faster....That's not the only reason why I don't use the Lightsphere anymore but also because it's bulky heavy and puts a lot of stress on the flash and hot shoe. This is true for the Classic, the PJ and the Collapsible models. The Collapsible is the bulkiest and hardest to install and remove. They all require you to put the camera down and "hold" the flash to install the darn thing. If you don't, you can easily apply too much downward pressure and damage the flash head or hot shoe....You need to own a PRESSlite VerteX to really appreciate it, no doubt the smartest flash accessory every made. It weighs about an ounce and tiny in size but produces BIG results. It's a diffuser and a bouncer or both at the same time! Sometime you need it to be a diffuser or a reflector or both or neither. The "neither" is a big one for me. You don't know how many times I raced through wedding venues switching between diffuser and bare flash. With the PRESSlite, it like shifting gears in my car. I don't think about it, I just do it and get moving....Many diffusers I've used in the past have been shelved away because none them comes close to the versatility of the PRESSlite. Just the fact that you can switch on the diffuser or the mirrored reflector or switch off the whole thing with one hand is reason enough for me. Believe me one hand is about all that's available most of the time. The other important factor is that when you move it around with one hand, you don't need to keep an eye on what you just did, thanks to the notches that clicks in at the preset 45-degrees positions. You can feel it locking in place, which is why you don't have to look....just go to Youtube and search for presslite and look for the OCF (off camera flash) demo. It shows how to operate the device with one hand....Very happy with the product!"

Kathryn R Richardson (August 26, 2010) -- "Fabulous product! Easy to use...bounce light in different directions. Creatively light portraits with one shoe mounted flash. Results limited only by your imagination. I am a professional photographer and highly recommend."

Yehia Zakraia El Zene (July 7, 2010) -- "True this is one of the most Handful accessory i have ever had for my FLASH. However am using SB-600 Nikon, not one of the bests Flash but a less cheaper Flash to use, However you can easily mount the Vertex Light to it without any problem and it will stick to it....Overall it's GREAT, and i love it and am using it now all the time to even distribute more light or even diffuse some of the lights... it's great and i like it, and i will buy another one just to keep it as a spare :) .. "

okc (May 24, 2010) -- "bouncing flash off 3 surfaces creates awsome photos."

Kels Viewfinder (February 20, 2010) -- "I've been using a VerteX modifier on my speedlight which has proven to be extremely useful. The club had about 15 - 20 foot ceilings, painted black obviously. The modifier allowed me to better manipulate the light (intensity/direction) a lot better than I would have been able to do with just a Stofen and or bouncing. Good little modifier to have!"

Tony Northend (January 29, 2010) -- "5 out of 5 stars - Secrets Revealed - All other photograhic DVD's that I have bought are commercials for the photographer - Brett shares real information - Thanks"

Michael T. (Sep-01-2009) -- "I used the Vertex to trigger two 580EXII's camera left and right with a 550EX on the camera hot shoe, outdoors. It was kinda funny; I had somehow lost my Cactus trigger in between locations and needed to trigger the two flashes somehow. With a little finagling, the Vertex saved me."

Rod P. (Aug-18-2009) -- "Just to let you know your VERTEX works just as well "DOWN UNDER". I have been using light modifiers on speed lights for 40 years, nothing comes close to the Vertex for giving great direction and specularity to portable light. Using two, one on camera and the other off to one side creates even better lighting. I'll be showing it my seminars and workshops across Australia."

Nadine O. (Aug-4-2009) -- "The reason I bought your product in the first place was because I was trying to find something to use to redirect the light from a flash that doesn't swivel. I have a 380EX (old) flash that is still good for my current purpose save for the fact that the head doesn't swivel, so any bounce cards or whatever I put on it in the camera vertical position--I can't bounce to the ceiling, let alone to the right. Your product works for bouncing to the ceiling with the flash head pointing straight to the left (in camera vertical position), and it works somewhat to push the bounce spot to the right ceiling. I can't get the bounce spot onto the right wall, but that is asking a lot, and I'm happy with the ceiling re-direct."

Nadine O. (Jul-24-2009) -- "My primary concern was being able to turn the flash head to bounce off walls in the portrait position with flash on camera. Without your mirrors, bouncing to a wall on my right was impossible or not very successful (loss of power)."

Verneitta (Jul-22-2009) -- "I use this whenever I shoot indoors. It works great. It is really easy to assemble, there is a video that you can go to if you get a litle stuck. The video really helped me a lot."

1st place winning of a photo contest! (July 2009) -- "I used my on-camera 580 flash for this coupled with a little gizmo called a Presslite that helps to both focus and diffuse the light to a very fine degree."

Mark (May-31-2009) -- "Gives you complete control over your light output, regardless of the setting. I was shooting execs in their offices. Some had windows behind them, to the left, right, in front, etc. I was able to supplement the natural light in every office with quick and easy adjustments. It works perfect!"

James B. Y. (Feb-3-2009) -- "This is the most ingenious flash modifier I have come across. Most waste a lot of light by diffusing the bounce portion of the light. This unit, which uses mirror surfaces as well as white diffusion cards, makes a lot more sense. It is very well made."

Alex O. (Jan-19-2009) -- "I would to write you on behalf of purchasing the VerteX and how great of a product it is. I do photography for many different indoor and outdoor events and no use your products which works wonders with lighting. In the past I would have to touch up photographs on the computer after taking them but now they turn out perfectly when using your product. Also I used to have difficulty with lighting on vertical photographs but the Vertex was also able to solve this issue for me."

xary10 (Jan-05-2009) -- "Wonderful person to deal with,Great item!Thanks a lot!!And happy new year"

nasbamplified (Jan-03-2009) -- "Innovative product and exceptional service. Thank you!"

lslorie (Dec-31-2008) -- "Great product, very fast delivery!"

noel-vi (Dec-23-2008) -- "Very ingenuous with unlimited possibilities"

-Kerry (Dec-17-2008) -- "...the next day went out to shoot a 14 hour wedding. As suggested, I started off with one panel to see what I could get. To make a really long story short, the Vertex never came off the flash. I used it all day long and am very happy with the results. I have another shoot coming up and am going to really work with multiple angles. So far I am very impressed."

iamnoelr (Dec-13-2008) -- "Just tried it! Many uses of vertex.Produces great images in right situations A+!"

boycottbrotherprinters (Nov-25-2008) -- "This uniquely designed speedlight flash reflector / diffuser is fascinating to use with its constant fairly predictable control of photo lighting direction and results. Presslite shipped item surprisingly quickly."

mariano5242 (Nov-21-2008) -- "Estoy contento con la operaion realizada"

E. H. (Oct-31-2008) -- "I'm a pro and have used this for shooting several events so far. I'm very happy with it now that I've learned to use it correctly, plus my clients like the way their photos have turned out as well."

Luis D. (Oct-28-2008) -- "I ordered it from Portugal, Europe and it only took a few days to have the parcel in my hands. Perfect!"

gregoryear (Oct-25-2008) -- "Quality Product, Excellent communication and service. Thanks from GSR STUDIO INC"

John B. (Oct-24-2008) -- "Nice device and it works great"

Douglas D. (Oct-20-2008) -- "Straight forward and reliable"

wpw (Oct-19-2008) -- "Amazing item - works as advertised!"

Gordon E. (Oct-17-2008) -- "I was surprised at the small size of the package, but once I opened it I found that everything was there, packed very efficiently."

William B. (Oct-16-2008) -- "This diffuser is a work of described there are endless combinations one can create..the product seems to be pretty sturdy too! I haven't had an opportunity to use it yet as I've been pretty busy but I'm looking fwd to trying the many combination to bounce light."

graycloud2 (Oct-7-2008) -- "excellent product - i have been waiting for this and it is great"



On Saturday and Sunday, April 9 & 10* PRESSlite will donate all its proceeds from the sale of PRESSlite products to the American Red Cross: Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami for their ongoing relief efforts in Japan.

During these two days, all PRESSlite products are up to 60% off purchased at

Items included: VerteX, VerteX Pro, VerteX accessories & Brett Florens DVDs.

*Donation will be based on the worldwide daily transaction reports as received from for the days April 9, 2011 and April 10, 2011.



PRWEB -- "January 2010, South San Francisco, CA - One hundred percent of all proceeds: That's what PRESSlite will donate to Partners in Health, toward earthquake relief for the people of Haiti, for all purchases of the world's most innovative flash modifier, the VerteX™, between now and Valentine's Day."




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